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The Digital Realm Premiere Distance Learning pre-recorded solution elevates the remote learning experience to a superior visual, auditory, and convenience factor from which faculty and students will find greater flexibility and value.

Your educational content is given the presentation it deserves. The students get the experience they deserve.

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We Can Record:

Live Performance & Recitals
Lab Sessions
Campus Events
Panel Discussions
Our services are available to individual academic departments as well as the entire institution.
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Complete Flexibility

Allow students to view sessions on any device, at any time, anywhere on earth. They gain the ability to rewind, pause for note taking, and benefit from unlimited repeat viewings.

Production Quality

We employ 1080 HD video, broadcast quality audio recording, and graphic content that is finished to high definition broadcast standards.  Our production method will yield a presentation of superior quality rather than the uncertain imagery and questionable audio of a live-stream.  Following the recording session we add titles, graphic content, and closed captioning while delivering the content within twenty-four hours.

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Safety Measures

Members of our staff have been instrumental in designing health protocols for several of our ongoing productions.  Should a staff member be found to be at any risk, that staff member will not be allowed to work until medically cleared.  The personal safeguards along with the knowledgeable use of PPG and sanitation procedures will help to ease faculty uncertainty and calm health concerns.

What is Included

Each session includes the recording, all recording gear, any quick corrective editing, closed captioning (if required), insertion of a branded session open, and delivery of your broadcast quality content to IT, your web facilitator, or Vimeo.

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